Last Day of Filming. (Part 4)

“So… what do you think?” He said and sat down on the sofa, his hands on the back of his head and he closed his eyes taking a deep breath, we were both exhausted, but after a flight of nearly 20 hours it was to be expected. I can never sleep on a plane and neither can he. I took of my sunglasses, still dragging my suitcase I looked around. I was stunned by the beauty of everything around us and I didn’t really know where to look at. I took off my cardigan and placed it over my suitcase, I left it there and walked past him without saying a word, the crystal doors of our balcony were already open and the sheer white curtains were blowing with the morning breeze. “It’s beautiful” I whispered to myself as I stepped out.

The view was simply breathtaking, the sky and the ocean both so blue and clear you could barely tell where one ended and the other began. The wind felt humid and slightly cold against my skin and I shivered, taking a deep breath I brushed my hair back, stretching myself. The sound of the ocean so beautifully calm and hypnotic and I closed my eyes as I leaned on the glass balustrade, the wind blowing my hair in all directions and I sighed in deep contentment as I focused on the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the beach, for the first time in a long time I felt at peace.

The few months prior the one that what would be our first official vacation as a couple weren’t exactly the easiest ones, between his hectic working schedule and my incessant auditioning for roles that I rarely ever landed, we barely had time to see each other, but we made the effort, we loved each other and we wanted things to work, we tried our hardest to take care of each other and we made sure to make the most out of the little time we ever had together.

Inevitably distance slowly began to grow between us, I think it’s something that you cannot really help, time goes by and you stop trying as hard as you used to, you find a comfort zone and it’s easier to remain there than to make the effort to move forward, that’s when problems find their way into a relationship. We realized where things were heading and we made our move, we decided to give each other some much needed time together and after weeks of planning ahead we found 2 weeks free and decided to get away from everything and everyone and just enjoy each other to the fullest.

I felt his arms around my waist and I jumped up a little startled, he chuckled and placed a soft kiss on the back of my head. “You scared me” I said and he pulled me flush against him and tightened his arms around me, holding me close to him and softly swaying his hips from side to side he moved us both, humming a soft tune against my hair. I sighed and placed my arms over his, closing my eyes as I felt him nuzzling me. “I love you” He whispered against the back of my neck and I just smiled. “Do you love me?” He asked as he began to plant soft kisses on my shoulder. “You know I do” I replied, cocking my head to one side and loving the feeling of his lips on me. “Then say it” He purred and softly moved my hair out of the way to rain soft kisses all over my shoulder and neck, my heart already beating faster with his every touch. “I love you” I felt him grinning against my skin. “I love you, Tom” I said, already yearning to feel his lips on mine, to taste his sweet mouth, and at my words he turned me around.

I smiled at him and he did so too but his smile quickly vanished and he just kept looking into my eyes, his gaze flickered to my lips and he licked his own before meeting my eyes again and at this I slowly reached for his lips. One of his arms on my back, the other around my waist and he lifted me up against him in a very tender way, our kiss was soft and loving, taking from me the little energy I still had, I could barely hold myself up but he kept me close against him. I took my hands to the back of his neck, holding on to him and deepening the kiss, his tongue coming inside as I parted my lips, so soft and warm as it glided against mine, his sweet lips melting with my own and our soft moans mingling together, he gently sucked on my bottom lip and I smiled into our kiss, returning the playfulness of his gesture with a soft bite on his own, he groaned into me and his kiss suddenly became more rough and fiery.

He broke his lips from mine and turned me around, I whimpered as he did, his arms still keeping me tight against him, I looked at him over my shoulder, my lips swollen and still parted and he claimed them once again, I felt him pushing himself forward as we devoured each other, letting me feel the effect our kiss had on him, showing me proof of his growing lust. His hands on either side of my hips and I felt them slowly going down and under the skirt of my dress. I broke our kiss, gasping. “What are you doing?” His lips now ravishing my neck with the same intensity and he quickly lifted the back of my dress up to my waist, I shivered as I felt the breeze hitting my exposed skin and I couldn’t help to close my eyes again, biting my bottom lip to suppress a moan as I desperately tried to cover myself again. “Don’t” His voice low and commanding as he spoke and I cried out his name when I felt him biting my neck and at this I stopped struggling. “I can’t… not here” I said, one of his hands on my thigh, his fingers digging in as he squeezed the supple skin and the other just below my belly button, my breath catching in my throat as I felt it slowly and teasingly moving downwards.

“Tom, please!” I moaned as I felt his hand between my legs, slowly massaging me over the thin fabric, his lips still on my neck, kissing, licking, nibbling on me and driving me insane. “Do you want me to stop, darling?” A mischievous tone in his voice and I could only just moan as an answer, he chuckled and began pulling down my underwear very slowly, I kicked them away as they fell down on the floor. “Good girl” His voice low, his breath so warm against my skin as he spoke his words and my own breathing already becoming heavier. His palm pressed against me as he slowly entered 2 fingers inside me, “Oh, god!” I moaned, my knees bending and if not for the tight grip of his arm around my waist I would’ve fallen down from the pleasure I was feeling.

He walked us a couple of steps until I was able to hold on to the balustrade, I tightly gripped the edge of it, shaking and moaning his name louder every time as he kept going in and out of me, he let go of my waist, long and slender fingers still planted deep inside, curling into me. I heard him unbuckling his belt and he let out a relieved gasp as he freed himself. I felt it against me, hot and growing harder by the second, rubbing against me as he kept ravishing my neck, as he kept pushing his fingers inside, alternating between a fast pace and a slow one, tracing little circles over my clit with his thumb.

“Do you want it inside you?” He asked, rubbing his growing flesh against me, his words coming out in short gasps. “Yes” I said. “Yes what?” He growled. “I want your cock inside me, please, Tom!” At my words he placed a soft kiss on the back of my neck. “Very well, darling” He took his hands to either side of my hips to get me in position, I bent down just slightly more and he gripped my hips tightly and slowly eased into me. Both of us groaning at the sensation, my eyes shut tight and he leaned down on me and licked along the nape of my neck before slowly pulling out, he pushed back in, harder this time, moaning my name against my shoulder as he shoved himself inside me and then I felt something vibrating against the back of my thigh.

“Fuck!” He growled, one of his hands letting go of me and he pulled out his phone from his pocket. “Yes?” He said, forcing his voice to make it sound normal, still he couldn’t hide his agitated breathing, his flesh still planted deep inside me and he pulled out and pushed back in, I bit my bottom lip, holding back my moans. “I.. I don’t know, I’m busy..” His thrusts never ceasing, relentlessly coming in and out of me as he spoke and I began to feel a climax building up within me. “Wh.. who’s directing?” I thought it impossible for whoever was on the other side of the line not to know what he was doing but I couldn’t care less, I pushed myself against him making him moan and he quickly coughed trying to disguise it. He playfully slapped my ass and kept his pace steady. “Did you send it already?” He said, annoyed, I could sense him now more focused on the phone call and a bit less on what we were doing. “I’ll get to it and let you know before that. You said 5, right? Okay, give me a second” He said and quickly pulled out of me and turned me around. “I’m sorry, babe, I’ll make it up to you, I promise” He gave me a quick peck on the lips and turned around and went back inside, buckling up his pants whilst still talking on the phone.

I stood there for a while, getting my breathing back to normal and still not believing he had left me there like that. I pulled down my dress and picked up my panties, taking a deep breath I tried to calm myself down before stepping inside. He was sitting on the sofa, he had his laptop on his lap and was still talking on the phone, I went straight into the bedroom and shut the door close. I was too tired and still very flustered to unpack or do anything so I took a quick shower and went to bed, mainly because I didn’t want to be awake when he was done with whatever he was doing, not because I was mad at him, at least not entirely, I just felt a little sad to think this wouldn’t be the last time something like this would happen during the time that was supposed to be just for ourselves, I didn’t want to make this a bigger issue than it already was so I thought that sleeping it off was be the best option.

I have no idea for how long I had been asleep when I heard the door opening very slowly. “My darling, are you awake?” He whispered, my eyes still closed and I answered nothing, pretending to be asleep. He stepped inside very slowly. “I know you are” He knows me far too well, sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself, I love that about him, even though sometimes I think I hate it. He took off his t-shirt and shoes. I turned around, my back now facing him, I heard him unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants and then he slipped into bed beside me. “I’m sorry” He purred. “I’m so sorry, I swear it won’t happen again” He said as he held me close, I sighed at the feeling of his body so warm, so strong as he held me close to him. He buried his face in my hair and took a deep breath of its scent. “I love you so much” He whispered and I still wouldn’t dare to say a word. He began to plant soft kisses along my neck and shoulder, whispering in between them how much he loved me, his soft lips gently kissing every inch of skin he had within his reach. “I want to make it up to you” I shivered at his words and he slowly turned me so that I was now laying on my back. I finally opened my eyes to see him kissing his way down on my body. Very gently he began to pull down the little cotton shorts I was wearing, I lifted my hips just enough to make it easier for him to take them off of me. “Good girl” He said when he saw I wasn’t wearing anything underneath them. He ran a single finger over my wet folds, ever so slowly as he kept his gaze pinned to mine. He pried my legs apart and settled himself between them, resting his face on my inner thigh as he continued to tease me with his long finger, I could feel his warm breath on me, feel as it became heavier as he watched his fingers play with me. I closed my eyes, tightly clasping the bed sheets. “You have the sweetest scent, darling” I moaned at his words, fighting the urge to push him against me. “And the sweetest taste” He said before hungrily latching onto my wetness, I cried out his name, my hips involuntarily jerking upwards and he pushed them back down, keeping me very still.

His tongue pulsating, vibrating against me, I cried out his name over and over as he sucked on my clit, harder and faster, humming inside me as he devoured me, his greedy mouth hungrily taking everything from me, my breath catching in my throat, the sounds of his lips smacking against me only adding to my pleasure, deliciously wet noises as he kept on sucking and licking, his nose digging into my skin and without a warning he entered a finger inside me. “Oh my god!” I cried out and he opened his eyes, electric pleasure running through my whole body as our gazes met, he slid another finger into me, pushing in and out, touching just the right spot to push me over the edge.

I took my hands to the back of his head, my fingers twining in his soft curls, I was both squirming away from him and pushing him against me. I was completely unable to keep my hips still, feeling my whole body trembling, my abdomen contracting with immense pleasure, he withdrew his fingers from me and licked my juices off of them, looking at me as he did before taking his mouth back to where I most wanted it. His hands going under my ass, lifting me up against his mouth, like needing more of me, long fingers digging into my skin as he kept ravishing me. I felt like melting, like burning, I couldn’t think, I could barely breathe. I threw my head back, closing my eyes and moaning his name over and over without shame.

“Now come, I want to taste you as you come for me” His voice hoarse and muffled by my skin and at his command I lost myself. My body thrashing in ecstasy, every fiber of my being burning with delightful pleasure, my thighs closing on his head and I opened my eyes as I let out a long breathless cry when it swept over me. Every muscle tensing, every inch of skin burning with the most intense pleasure as he kept on drinking every drop of me. I fell back, my eyes shut tight and my back arching as my body became completely spent. I gripped tightly onto his hair and he groaned as I roughly tugged on it to get him away from me, squirming away from his merciless mouth as he never stopped tasting me, the sensation almost painful as I wasn’t yet recovered. “Please” I begged over and over and he just stopped when he had taken every drop of my juices.

“That was exquisite, darling” He said as he straddled me, looking at me with a triumphant grin on his face. He leaned down and kissed me, soft and tender kiss that I quickly broke as I was still breathless, he just laughed. “I love you” I said and he winked at me before jumping out of bed. “I’m going to take a shower and then we’ll head out” I sat up and looked at him as he walked into the bathroom. “Where are we going?” I said. “I don’t know… out!” He yelled from the bathroom and I smiled and got out of bed to get ready.

Those two weeks with him in that island were like heaven, he kept his promise and we weren’t bothered by anyone else during our stay, we had so much fun, saw all sorts of wonderful things and found it sometimes hard to leave our room, every day we loved each other more than the day before. I remember thinking I couldn’t love anyone as much as I loved him, thinking I had no more love left to give to anyone that wasn’t him, now I know I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

He had arranged a special dinner for our last night there and we both dressed up to the part. I stood in front of the mirror and brushed my hair with my fingers, letting it loose in soft curls, I was wearing a blue silk dress, the long strapless gown had a beautiful fall and I twirled around playing with it. “You are so beautiful” I stopped twirling when I heard his voice and I quickly turned around  and looked at him, I could feel my face blushing, he was wearing a black three-piece suit, the lining of the jacket was made of red silk. “You look very handsome” I said and he chuckled and walked up to me, looking right into my eyes he held both my hands in his. I looked at him and smiled and he opened his mouth but said nothing, I furrowed my brows and he looked down and laughed. He let go of my hands and looked at me again. “It’s getting late, we should get going” He said nervously and offered his arm to me, I took it and grabbed my purse and we left.

We parked outside the restaurant, it was a beautiful and very exclusive place on the beach, he got out of the car and opened the door for me, giving me his hand to help me get out of it. “It’s such a beautiful night, isn’t it?” I said, looking at the way the moon reflected on the ocean. “Would you like to talk a walk on the beach first?” He asked and I looked at him and smiled. “I would love to” He grinned at my answer. “You should leave your heels and purse here, I’ll come back and get them for you when you need them” I took of my heels and threw them inside the car along with my purse.

He held me close to him as we walked together, just enjoying the night and we completely forgot about our dinner reservation. It was a chilly night and he took off his jacket and gave it to me. “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier” He said and I looked up at him, before I could respond he spoke again. “I know I am most happy when I’m with you” He said and stopped walking. “I love you, I love you more than I could ever say” He held my hands in his and my heart began to beat faster. “I want to ask you something” I sighed. “I need to ask you…” His eyes were sparkling, one of his hands let go of mine and I placed mine on my chest. “Would you… would you please, would you do me the honor of being my wife?” He slipped his hand into his pocket and took out a small black box. “Oh my god..” I said, shaking, “Oh my god! Yes!” I jumped up and I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. “Oh god, I think I was supposed to be down on one knee for this” He said, smiling and clumsily getting down on one knee as he opened the little black box to reveal a stunning diamond ring. He looked up at me, a wide happy grin on his face and his eyes were sparkling with tears and I gave him my hand and he gently placed the ring on my finger.

I kneeled in front of him and kissed him, so overwhelmed with happiness I didn’t know what to do, I found it hard to break my lips away from his and I could feel his tears against my skin. “I love you so much, Tom” I said and kissed him again and again, lost in the sweetness of the moment, in the intoxicating taste of his lips, our kiss becoming more heated and passionate and I suddenly found myself laying beneath him, never breaking the kiss he began to loosen his tie before taking it off and tossing it away, I took off his vest and opened his shirt, struggling as we had never been more eager to consume each other.

He rolled up his sleeves and straddled me to unfasten his pants, I sat up, licking along his neck, running my hands over his panting chest and he pushed me back down, lifting my dress up to my waist he settled himself between my thighs, he gasped as he released his trapped flesh and I moaned as I felt it against me, he ripped off the lacy fabric of my underwear and I cried out in slight pain at the roughness of his gesture. He took his lips to my neck, licking along my skin as he rubbed the head of his cock against my entrance. “Please” I said and at this he eased into me, both of us moaning at the sensation and he pushed until he was buried to the hilt. I guided his lips up to mine again for another kiss and he pulled out and pushed back in, both my legs wrapped over his thighs as he kept thrusting into me, over and over. “I’m so close” I said and he groaned, his eyes closed and jaw tightly clenched as he pushed harder every time. And then I felt it, my inner walls tightening, trembling around him, his forehead resting over mine and we moaned each other’s names as my release triggered his own and we came in perfect sync. With one final thrust he poured himself into me, his breath warm as it washed over my skin, his seed hot as it flowed inside me and I kissed him once again as he was still deep inside me.

Today things are completely different, we’ve been through so much, years have passed since that day and our lives have been blessed with many wonderful things, one wonderful little one in particular. I am sitting here, writing this words and hearing them laughing, I love how they have the same laughter. I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than I love him, little Rosie proved me wrong and seeing him with her makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Her little blonde curls bounce up and down as she runs to meet him when he gets home, his whole face brightens up with joy just by seeing her beautiful little face. She has his eyes, I still can’t figure out what color they are, she has his laughter, that precious and unique laughter only the two of them can pull off, I love it when they laugh together, she is a tiny version of his daddy, he says she has my spirit and my lips, I am happy just to know she is mine and his. She is everything that’s good about us both, she is better, she is our little baby and we love her more than our own lives, she makes us happier than we ever thought we could be, our little Rosie, our precious little angel.

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